-They added on to my existing 17 yr. old driveway and also put in a sidewalk from the drive to the back of my house. They matched the pea-gravel texture and color perfectly. You cannot tell which part was put in long ago. They also pressure washed and all old concrete and sealed it. It required extensive scrubbing as well as traditional pressure washing. They showed up when promised and came back to seal a small spot they missed as promised (I didn't see it until they had left). I highly recommend them!
-Charles Morton

-The experience with them was fine. They did a good job. They just did a really nice job.
-Kenneth Ayers

-Very punctual. Did a nice job for a reasonable price. Company was very professional.
-Cullen Cavin

-They were very responsive, very good about explaining ideas on how to make our sloping driveway easier to manage and adjust the slope. It has worked out really well. He also was extremely kind about an area where we were spreading pea gravel- he spread it all out with his bobcat for us without any additional charge. His wife is the receptionist and he's an extremely nice person to work with. They were very quick. The only concern was that at one point they told me they were going to pour the driveway over 2 days; the way I understood it was it was a better quality that way. Then it turned out he wasn't going to do that so I was slightly confused in the end it looks okay and it looks like he did a good job. There are a couple places where he went beyond where I would have expected him to do. Price wise it was in the middle of the field that wasn't the only reason we chose him but certainly it contributed.
-Eileen Finan

He gave us a quote to bust up the drive and replace with exposed aggregate. We would pay extra for what gravel needed to be put down as base as he didn't know how much old debris and dirt/mud he would have to dig out before he started to fill with gravel for the base. As expected, once he got the old drive up we found wet mud, rotten lumber and construction debris, etc- the mess the original home builder left. All that had to be hauled away and gravel added and compacted. He added plenty of gravel base and used a compactor for what should be a solid base for the poured concrete.
He started on a Monday digging out and preparing the site. Had to wait a couple of days to pour concrete due to threat of rain. Drive was poured on Thursday, covered overnight with plastic and finished on Friday. David even brought in a small load of top soil (which I didn't expect) to shape up the sides.
He provided us with all the invoices and weigh bills for the gravel used, which we paid for along with the original estimate. It took a little more gravel than we expected but we wanted a good solid base.
Overall project went very smooth and fast. Took less than 10 days from initial estimate to completion of job. We feel we got a competitive price and a quality job.
-James Lawrence

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